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Week Three: Like/Subscribe/Follow

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Welcome back!

It is week three of me working here at Guilderland Printing; which means we all made it this far. I am proud of us honestly. It hasn’t always been easy, but we did it. While everything is still a bit new I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable. When you’ve never done this kind of job before it can be nerve wracking because no matter how small the post is, you’re putting yourself, as well as a company image, out there and hoping it’s well received. So far, so good though. You all have shown a lot of support and I hope you’ll stick with me as I continue to figure this all out. 

Anyway, here’s what I’m up to this week… 

Most of what I’m working on currently is prep for next week. We should finally be launching our Groupon then; so make sure you keep checking back for that. We’ll definitely be posting about it on Facebook when it’s live so go give us a like if you haven’t already.  On top of launching the Groupon I will be posting an extra blog post about my experience with the site and that whole process. That means two blog posts next week; get pumped!

Another project we are working on this week, as well as next week is a YouTube video. While we have a few on our channel already, we are looking at doing even more on a more consistent basis. The video still won’t be up for a couple more weeks but make sure you go subscribe to us there so you know when it’s up. These videos will be a great way for all us to learn about printing, and to go more in depth. 

Since I keep talking about things to come, let’s finally talk about something we launched this week. If you haven’t already seen it on our Facebook, we made a Snapchat! Personally I am pretty excited because it is a great way to interact and connect; also I get to use Snapchat at work which is pretty cool. Seriously though please go over there and give us a follow, @GPrintPro, because I will be posting throughout my work days. This gives me the opportunity to show you around the office and showcase some products you may not have realized we can print. I also cannot wait to answer some questions, and maybe even provide some midday distractions from your work week.  


I’m sorry that this week’s post was a lot of plugging our social media. However I would really appreciate it if you would like/subscribe/follow because my goal here is to have this community where we are all learning about Guilderland Printing together. Next week I promise I will talk more about actual printing. For now check out our Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat (@GPrintPro), and Website for more information and updates. 

Have a great week!

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