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Week Four: Let’s Finally Start Learning (A Little) About Printing

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Welcome back!

This week has been a learning experience. One of the big focuses of it has been planning out the first YouTube video I am going to put out. I’ll talk about that a little later though. Also I’ve been working on a newsletter of sorts. Our goal with this is to bring you easy to access information and updates about everything going on here at Guilderland Printing; Including these blogs. This is something I’ve never done before so it’s been pretty fun to have something new to figure out.

In the office…

What you may not know is that I am only in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So when I come in I’m typically in this environment where everyone is mid-project or finishing one up. Especially lately with all the back to school orders that have been going on; although that is winding down. That may sound stressful but it’s really not; for me at least, I’m just observing. If anything it’s interesting and gives me the opportunity to learn a bit more. While most of the time things run pretty smooth here, there are bound to be hiccups as there are with any business. While rare, there is always room for something to go wrong and for some miscommunication.

What’s interesting here is how the people at Guilderland Printing deal with those problems. They think and then react, instead of just reacting and making decisions off of stress that may delay the order or ruin a relationship. That does not mean things are always perfect. However it does mean that the way they run business is thoughtful, and that their intent is to always get the customer the product they desire the best they can. If there is miscommunication they sit down and talk it over with the customer so each side can understand the other’s perspective. Building up a long term relationship with customers is something Guilderland Printing aims for and achieves. 

We’re finally starting to learn!

One thing I’ve been doing a bit of lately is research. Pretty wild stuff, I know. As I mentioned earlier we are working on a new video for our YouTube channel. There are already some short videos on there that I would definitely encourage you to check out. This video however is going to be a bit more informative as it will discussing “offset printing.” You may not know what offset printing is, and that’s okay I didn’t either. It’s pretty simple and easy to learn about. I may even do an quick additional blog about my process of learning about it once the video is up. 

Our personal goal is to make it simple, as well as apply it how we do things here at GPrint. While it’s generally the same process no matter the press there are some variations here and there. So we want to show you our process and inform you on a method that is used for printing a lot materials you have probably interacted with throughout your life. Additionally this is a method that we use to print a lot of our products. Therefore it’s a staple in how we do business. 

That’s a wrap for this week

Last week I promised that I would write more about actual printing this week, and I think I delivered. Thank you so much for joining me so far. Kind of crazy to think this is the end of week four. As always let me know what you want to know more about and follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat: @gprintpro for more information and updates. And don’t forget to visit our website for online ordering and quotes. Have a great week!

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