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Week Five: The One Where I’m Dramatic About Paper and Fall

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Welcome back!

With the weather change it feels as if there has been a shift. The pace and mood of the world has changed drastically. It seems we went from pool parties and vacations to pumpkin flavored everything and cozy sweaters real quick. I enjoy this change personally. I feel like summer has this weight of expectation to it; as if it has to be spectacular. However fall–or autumn if you prefer–isn’t quite like that. Fall welcomes you with a blanket and a good book; warm drinks and colors, and it says, “hey, it’s okay to just lay in that bed all day and be comfortable.” At the same time it feels like everything is in motion again. Everyone has somewhere to be and go. So why not make one of those places here? 

You may not think it but Guilderland Printing feels built for Fall. Don’t get me wrong, with the sun always out, it is bright red and welcoming. It’s exciting. However with the overcast of fall it looks like another world conveniently located on the side of the rode. And it’s just that. It’s a world of family, and paper and ink. A world that was built deliberately with the community in mind. A world where things are created. Here lives both peace and chaos. This world is very much like the one you know except that the whole place smells like fresh paper. I don’t know about you but if I could bottle that scent I would. It’s like constantly being in between the pages of a book. 

Anyway, moving on from me being dramatic… 

Fall is great, however it is certainly not the only thing going on right now. This week I am continuing to work on that YouTube video mentioned in last weeks video. Things have kind of been all over so we need to finally start recording because I am really excited to get that out to you. If it comes out how it looks in my head it will be pretty cool, and even if it doesn’t I think it could still be good. 

I have also been working on creating a newsletter. This is again something new to me, so it’s a learning process. So far though it has been pretty fun. We sent the first one out with last week’s blog post.  If you are interested in getting direct information and updates about Guilderland Printing, this blog, or even email exclusive discounts I highly recommend you head over to our website and sign up. While there may be two or three this month to start off, our plan is to make it more of a monthly newsletter. This way you can stay up to date as well as not get a ton of spam. 

What to look forward to:

In addition to the video and the newsletter the Groupon should finally be coming very soon. I know I have mentioned it a few times but there is only one more thing to work out before it can finally go live. I even have a blog post about the whole process ready to go up as soon as the deal launches. If you are interested in or need business cards keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on that. 

Overall it has been a slow week, but that’s kind of nice. A fall adjustment period. We’ve slowed down a little so there’s a bit more calm throughout the building. It’s nice. I’ve been wanting get more creative with these blogs, hence the beginning being a little different vibe from usual. One idea I currently have is maybe doing a spooky short story about Guilderland Printing for Halloween. I have a degree in creative writing which doesn’t mean I’m good, but I do enjoy it. It may be silly, however I think it could be fun, so if it’s something you’re interested in let me know. 

As always…

If there are any topics in particular you want to hear about let me know. Also don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter for updates, information, and exclusive discounts. In the meantime like/follow/subscribe on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat: @gprintpro

Have a great week!

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