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Week Seven: Grab a Notepad and Let’s Learn!

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Welcome back!

It’s week seven and it seems like everyone and their mothers are getting sick. Tis’ the season I suppose. Although it’s the worst no matter what, this is probably the preferred weather for it. Cool and cozy, allowing you rest up; when you’re not working of course. So far so good at GPrint though. Not one sign of the sniffles quite yet. Not even a sore throat lurking around the corner. That means we can all work and get products out as best as possible. However if you aren’t fully well we appreciate you taking time to read this post, and hope you get better real soon. 

The Never-ending Case of the Missing Groupon: 

Last week I talked about how the Groupon should be up this week. What you may have noticed it that it has not gone up at all. If you’re a little irked about it, please know that so are we. We have been working on this for a month now and everything that could go wrong has. It’s frustrating to be honest, but I will continue to work on it and get it out to you all as soon as possible. The next time I mention it will be when it’s live, which I hope is one day soon. The good news is I have more to add to my blog post about Groupon. To sum it all up it has been a lot more complicated and has taken longer than necessary and it’s for the smallest of reasons. Anyway, if you were excited about it please don’t lose any of that. It is still coming I promise. 

The Office

Now I’m not talking about the popular TV show, although I do love it. What I do want to talk a little about it what’s been going on in the office this week, which isn’t overwhelming much to be honest. From my work space though I can here the presses running. and they haven’t taken a break since I’ve gotten here. So while it’s calm there is definitely work going on. Like I said last week this is the calm before the political season storm. Next week expect the extra blog post of my thoughts on politic’s relationship with printing. It’s not going to be from a perspective of an expert in said topics, but instead the ramblings of someone who is considering it for the first time. 

Let’s Learn: Notepad edition!

This week one of the jobs is printing notepads. I can’t speak for everyone, however personally I never really gave much thought to the production them. I pull one out and write down a quick grocery list, you know? What I’ve learned this week though is that it’s actually a process that takes many hours. First off they are printed 12 pages to a sheet. After that they are separated into stack of 50 using a tool called a “stabber” which you stab into the stack and it separates out 50 pages. Those stacks are then given a cardboard backing. The next step is the first round of cutting them. Here the notepads are trimmed and then cut in half (long way) leaving six in a row. From here glue is added. This is of course the messiest bit. This is because it is a person painting glue onto them. Next we wait…for the glue to dry. This takes a little bit and when they’re feeling a little impatient they’ll even use a hair dryer which I thought was a little funny. The next and final step is the second round of cutting. This is where the rows are cut into individual notepads. It may not sound like a ton but all these small, almost tedious, tasks take a long time. It’s definitely something to think about the next time you grab a notepad to write a phone number on. 

The End

All-in-all I would say that this blog post has been productive. We chatted, we clarified, and we learned. As always give us a like and follow on our Facebook and Twitter. If there is any specific content you want to see or read about let me know. I’m always looking for new ideas. Coming next week is our first monthly newsletter which will feature a monthly promotion so make sure you sign up to get that. Lastly don’t forget to check out our site for online ordering; use the promo code “FIRSTORDER” for 10% off your first online order!

Have a fantastic week!

Scott doing the first round of cutting for the notepads!

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