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Placing an Order

  1. Imposition

    Imposition is the arrangement of the products on a page to be printed.  It is also referred to amount up on a sheet.  We ask that you do not imposition you file at home.  We have the software to do it and need to make sure it is done correctly.

    Any files that are pre imposed will not be completed by us until the file is exact.  

  2. Templates

    All files should be built using correct formatted templates. These templates should include marks that are important to the production of your job. Visit our templates page to see exactly what we look for to give you a perfect product.

    Please note that for all UV coated jobs, the side labeled “front” or indicated as “page 1” will be UV coated. Sides labeled “back” or indicated as “page 2” will not be coated.

    Important: Digital files not meeting these specifications may be returned and corrections will be requested in order to proceed with your job. Not meeting these specifications will delay your order, or may add additional costs.